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The 8085 uses a total of 246 bit patterns to form its instruction set. Lecture note on microprocessor and microcontroller theory. It is an intel microprocessor and also a 16 bit microprocessor. Intel 8085 8bit microprocessor shrimati indira gandhi. The advantages of the micro processor is that it small cheap to produce and is able to take over a lot of tasks that were time consuming to people. A microprocessor which has n data lines is called an nbit microprocessor i. It is also referred to as a computers logic chip, micro chip, and processor. To transfer the data inside the chip from one place to another it has bus system just like our buses to.

It means that its alu, internal register and most of the instructions are designed so that these can work on the 16 bit memory word. Tutorial on introduction to 8085 architecture and programming. Advantages of microprocessor 8086 over 8085 answers. A microprocessor is an integrated circuit ic which incorporates core. In an instruction of 8085 microprocessor, how many bytes are present. The microprocessor is one of most known subject is computer engineering branch. The 8085 microprocessor is used ic 74ls373 to latch the address. The reason for the difference is that some actually most instructions have multiple different formats. The data is transferred from the address pointed by the data in a register to other register. Microprocessors and interfacing oup india oxford university press. The interrupting device gives the address of subroutine for these interrupts. The evolution of microprocessors was divided into five generations such as first, second, third, fourth and fifth generation and the characteristics of these generations are discussed below. Each instruction of the 8085 processor consists of one to five machine cycles.

Advantages of microprocessor high processing speed compact size easy maintenance can perform complex mathematics flexible can be improved according to requirement disadvantages of microprocessors overheating occurs due to overuse performance depends on size of data large board size than microcontrollers. Microprocessor 8085 pin configuration electricalvoice. Kaushik and others published an introduction to microprocessor 8085 find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. The 8 most significant bits of the address are transmitted by the address bus, pins a 8, to a 15.

What are counters and time delays in 8085 microprocessor. After the arithmeticlogic operation, the contents of accumulator are replaced by the result. Lecture note on microprocessor and microcontroller. Information flows out of the microprocessor and into the memory or peripherals. You can also symbolically express addresses and values referenced in the operand field of instructions. To perform a function or useful task we have to form a system by. It is an nmos device having around 6200 transistors contained in a 40 pin dip package. In 8085 microprocessor, how many interrupts are maskable. Adisesha 1 microprocessor microprocessor is defined as a silicon chip embedded with a central processing unit or cpu. Microprocessor study notes handwritten free pdf gate. It was compatible with intel 8080 but needed less support of the hardware. Dec 11, 2012 the 8085 and its busses the 8085 is an 8bit general purpose microprocessor that can address 216 64k byte of memory.

Functional block diagram of the 8085 microprocessor accumulator it is a 8. This article discusses 8085 microprocessor architecture which includes features, stack pointer, address bus, data bus, instruction set, and addressing modes. Dec 21, 2017 intel needed to follow up with something a lot better. Advantages of microprocessors is that these are general purpose electronic processing devices which can be programmed to execute a number of tasks.

The address and data bus are multiplexed in this processor which helps in providing more control signals. The 8085 8080aprogramming model includes six registers, one accumulator, and one flag register, as shown in figure. The intel 8085 eightyeightyfive is an 8bit microprocessor produced by intel and introduced. Nonvectored interrupts are those in which vector address is not predefined. Advantages of microprocessors is that, these are general purpose electronic processing devices which can be programmed to execute a number of tasks.

Intel 8085 microprocessor based system the microprocessor is a semiconductor device integrated circuit manufactured by the vlsi very large scale integration technique. The builtin clock generator of 8085, in block schematic, is shown below. This was introduced by the intel company in the year 1977 to 1990. Block diagram of intel 8085 find notes the easy way. When the 8085 wants to access a peripheral or a memory location, it places the 16bit address on the.

The students are studying the subject are supposed to learn the architecture of a typical microprocessor and also get general information about microprocessor based control systems. Dec 12, 2011 the advantages of 8086 microprocessor are. Pin diagram of 8085 eazynotes find notes the easy way. The main characteristics of 8086 microprocessor are as follows. It always contains one of the operands on which arithmeticlogic has to be performed. The data bus width of 8085 microprocessor is 8bit i. Intr is the only nonvectored interrupt in 8085 microprocessor. Introduction to 8085 the advanced versions consume 20% less power supply. Mar 16, 2020 in this article, we will discuss 8085 microprocessor pin configuration or pin diagram of 8085 or external architecture of 8085 microprocessor. This io mapping scheme is regarded as an advantage, as it frees up the processors.

Mov a, m data is transferred from the memory location pointed by the regiser to the accumulator. In this article you will get to know about the definition, architecture, block diagram and working of 8085 microprocessor. Advantages and disadvantages of microprocessor polytechnic hub. It includes the alu, register arrays and control circuit on a single chip. Microprocessors 14 8085 is pronounced as eightyeightyfive microprocessor. Two new instruction has been added in 8085, for taking advantage of added hardware it provides 16 address lines so. It is a 40 pin c package fabricated on a single lsi chip. The 8086 microprocessor is available with clock frequency of 5, 8 and 10 megahertz. Understanding 8085 8086 microprocessors and peripheral ics through questions and answers. Before knowing about the 8085 architecture in detail, lets us briefly discuss about the basic features of 8085 processor. Advantages of 8086 over 8085 the silicon underground. It is a device or rather say a integrated chip which process some instructions given to it in microseconds. It is an appended version of the 8080 microprocessor.

It is an 8 bit general purpose microprocessor that can easily store 64k bite of memory. Intel 8085 8bit microprocessor intel 8085 is an 8bit, nmos microprocessor. Microprocessor is defined as a silicon chip embedded with a central processing unit or cpu. Its data bus is 8bit wide and hence, 8 bits of data can be transmitted in parallel from or to the microprocessor. There are some disadvantages of microprocessor are given below, the microprocessor has a limitation on the size of data. Figure 1 shows the pin diagram of the 8085 microprocessor.

The time for the back cycle of the intel 8085 a2 is 200 ns. Microprocessor and assembly language programming bca vi sem gram reoti, behind aurobindo hospital, sanwer road,i ndorem. It is an 8bit microprocessor designed by intel in 1977 using nmos technology. The 8085 8080a has six generalpurpose registers to store 8bit data.

Lecture note on microprocessor and microcontroller theory and. There are some advantages of microprocessor are given below, microprocessor is that these are general purpose electronic processing. Its data bus width is 8bit and address bus width is 16bit, thus it can address 216 64 kb of memory. Draw the block diagram of the builtin clock generator of 8085.

Therefore, the 8085 can access locations with numbers from 0 to 65,536. Microprocessor is that it can quickly move data between the various memory locations. Evolution of microprocessor types and applications. There are 5 interrupt pins in 8085 used as hardware interrupts, i. What is the technology used in the manufacture of 8085.

S ome of the important second generation microprocessors are. What is meant by the statement that 8085 is a 8bit microprocessor. You can visit similar threads as well for more free pdf and get yourself updated. The microprocessor has become more essential part of many gadgets.

For instance, a microprocessor with 3 ghz, shortly ghz is capable of performing 3 billion tasks per second. The version 8085 a2 operates at a maximum frequency of 5 mhz. Complete notes of microprocessor with tutorials and solutions. Microprocessor advantages and disadvantages study notes. The microprocessor is a semiconductor device integrated circuit manufactured by the vlsi very large scale integration technique. It has a 16bit data bus, so it can read data from or write data to memory and ports either 16bit or 8bit at a time. The advantages of 8086 over 8085 were numerous, and thats why everyone knows intel, and few people outside of retro computing enthusiasts and embedded systems engineers ever heard of zilog.

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