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Purpose the purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the background of the fundamental refrigerant management prerequisite and enhanced refrigerant management credit previously called the ozone protection credit in the. Leed 2009 for new construction and major renovations. Leed 2009 for new construction and major renovations ea credit 4. As i understand it, the point for enhanced refrigerant management is to fully comply with the montreal protocol. Enhanced refrigerant management enhanced refrigerant management eac4 eac4 possible 1. Pdf refrigerant management handbook whole building. Eac4 changed substantially between leed nc versions 2. See all leeduser forum discussions about this credit subscribe to new discussions about nc2009 eac4. Leed v4 for building design and construction includes. Special circumstances section in ea credit 4 to upload refrigerant impact calculations using postphaseout refrigerant values. Eac4calculator leedv4 protected ipccv4 gwps leadership in. Building information modeling for sustainable design and.

Top ten frequently asked questions on leed and hvac. Odpr, and lr values are autopopulated with default values. See leed reference guide for green building design and construction for full table of default values of gwpr and odpr. Energy and atmosphere 4 enhanced refrigerant management. Ive been following your website and i think it is excellent and very helpful. Whole building design guide pdf books reader wbdg whole building design guide.

Small hvac units defined as containing less than 0. Iaq management program, outdoor air delivery monitoring, increased ventilation, reduce particulates in air distribution, iaq management for facility alterations and additions ieqc2. Based on the leed v4 for enhanced refrigerant management this pqualifies. According to the mp, these were to be phased out by 1996 so the prereq wants any renovation to comply. Convert the chilled water system to cfcfree refrigerants by project completion. Leed 2009 for core and shell development ea credit 4. American council for an energyefficient economy green book. I think its important to note the alternative option, which is to provide proof that replacement of eb cfcusing hvac systems is not economically feasible will take more than 10 years for simple payback, thus excusing you from this prerequisite, but that you have.

Enhanced refrigerant management and leed nc v4 ea credit 6 john m. Enhanced refrigerant management and leednc v4 ea credit 6. Enhanced refrigerant management chlorofluorocarbon air. To achieve this credit, one can either use no refrigerants, or perform a calculation using the properties and quantities of the refrigerants used in the equipment. In the prereq, you are really only focused on chlorofluorocarbons cfcs. Leed 2009 for new construction and major renovations ea. Eac4calculator leedv4 protected ipccv4 gwps free download as excel. Attaining eac4 depends on refrigerant global warming.

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